Why You Should Avoid Over Exercising

Regular exercise benefits your body in various ways. Exercising induces weight loss, improves cardiovascular health, and increases your endurance. Did you know that too much exercise can be detrimental to your health? In lieu of the fitness craze that has taken over the globe, how much emphasis are you putting on allowing your body to obtain adequate rest and recovery?

There are many different types of exercise – Zumba, running, weightlifting, dancing, swimming, and more. Pushing yourself to your limit in any of these areas is highly glorified! After all, there’s nothing wrong with exceeding your own health and fitness expectations and crushing your goals. However, overexerting yourself during a training routine can lead to poor health and stifled performance in the long run. Here are some signs that you’re exercising too much:

- Insomnia
- Repeat Injuries
- Susceptible to Illness
- Loss of Motivation
- Excessive Weight Loss
- Sore Muscles
- Mood Instability
- Irregular/Inconsistent Performance
- Dehydration
- Restlessness
- Higher Stress Levels

You should put as much emphasis on rest as you do on exercising. Balance is key! If you find yourself feeling excessively tired and sore, you may be over exercising. Here are a few ways to combat excessive exercising:

- Get Enough Sleep: As a healthy adult, you should be aiming for 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night. Make sure you’re scheduling enough time to get adequate rest.

- Don’t Forget to Hydrate: Water is essential for the human body. Exercising can leave you very dehydrated. Make it a goal to drink 8 glasses of water per day to ensure proper hydration.

- Be Sure to Eat Enough: The last thing you want to do is not properly fuel your body for the intense exercises you will be performing. Try to fill up on healthy and balanced meals throughout the day.

- Listen to Your Body: If you feel very sore, take time to rest. If you feel your muscles straining as you’re lifting weights, take a break. It is much better to rest rather than over stress those areas. It’s easier to take time off for relaxation than to get injured and delay your activities for a longer period.